You may have trouble, after installing the GO application, to use it with Skype and to share it with your contacts. If that is the case, you may go through these steps in order to fix the problem.

Try this first:

Do you see this message on the Skype home screen when you open Skype?
Image 1: Allow access
Please click: "Allow access".

If you don't see the message above, restart Skype. Remember that Skype sits it your system tray and you need to close it there as well as just closing your Skype window.

Try this next:

If you don't see the Image 1: Allow Access, then click Tools > Options > Advanced settings.

Click "Manage other programs' access to Skype".

Click "Change".

Select "Allow this program to use Skype", then click "OK".

Another situation:

It is possible that although you complete these steps successfully, you may still have issues connecting GO. Please go into your Windows Control Panel and select System and Security > Firewall > Allow Program or Functionality. Please ensure that inside the list the entry named GameXN GO is enabled.

If you still cannot connect GO to Skype or the network:

Please contact us and place your query in English. We will do our best to assist you.