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9 ball Pool
What is this game about?
The objective is to pocket the 9 ball (yellow stripe) as soon as possible. To achieve this, you will need to target it, while pocketing all the other balls in order, from 1 to 8.

How do I control the game?
Use the mouse cursor to aim the pool stick, then hold the left mouse button to control the strength of the shot by sliding the mouse left or right, then finally release the left mouse button to shoot.

How do I play?
You shoot the white ball against the highlighted ball in that turn. Every time you pocket a legal ball, you are given another turn. If you hit and pocket other balls or pocket the white ball by accident, you will get a foul. 3 fouls in a game and you lose.

What is the best way to play?
Ensure that you can use any highlighted ball to angle into and possibly pocket the 9 ball. This is the only ball required to win the game and may be pocketed at any time. Be vigilant for any good shot opportunities to make this happen, even early in the game.

Can I pocket any other ball by accident during the game?
As long as you hit the highlighted ball to achieve that effect, all other balls may be pocketed in this fashion.

Gameplay tips:
1) Watch possible angles and survey the table carefully by using the mouse cursor. Some shots that may not appear possible, might in fact be achieved by precision;
2) Be wary of the strength at which you shoot. Near a pocket, a strong shot at an angle may ruin the play, while a weak shot in a wide angle play may be insufficient;
3) Some players may attempt to corner the white ball with illegal balls to force a foul out of your next turn. Gauge the angles correctly and get to know the table physics so that you may avert being trapped in a corner and perform the perfect escape plan. It is usually possible.