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Aqua Blaster
What is this game about?
It's an undersea adventure as you use your rocket ship to pop chains of coloured bubbles before they scroll down the screen and it's "game over".

How do I control the game?
You use the mouse, or the touchpad on your laptop. There are no keyboard controls for this game.

How do I play?
Bunches of coloured bubbles appear at the top of the screen. You fire coloured bubbles up the screen. When your bubbles touch similar colours, or make a chain of bubbles, they pop and disappear.

When do I fire a bubble?
The game moves fast so you have to work out where to fire you bubble, but you have help. The colour of the next bubble you will fire is indicated by the colour of the bubble in the centre of your rocket ship. This helps you think ahead.

I've put bubbles in the wrong place!
Don't worry, you can work around incorrectly placed bubbles and pop them later. Try to build up a chain towards them then link them to it and pop them.

How does the game progress?
The game gets faster and faster as you get to later levels. If you think are an expert, why not invite a friend and try multiplayer challenges?

Gameplay tips:
1) Building chains: Building up chains of bubbles of the same colour is key to reaching odd bubbles and misplaced bubbles of that colour. You need to link bubbles together in one shot.
2) Take it easy: Keep firing, but don't panic. You probably have more time than you think to place your shots.
3) Musical help: Put your favourite music on in the background to help you relax and enjoy the game. If you panic and start firing at random then you'll lose sooner than if you take it calm and collected.