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Beach Beatz
What is this game about?
Take a relaxing trip to the beach in this classic game. Toss your silver stone into a circle of red stones to try to knock them out of the ring. If your silver stone goes outside the ring you lose. The winner knocks all the red stones out first and the loser gets their remaining stones added to their score.

How do I control the game?
You use the mouse or touchpad on your laptop to click and drag on your silver stone. Dragging backwards sets the speed of the movement, so, remember, the longer the arrow the faster your silver stone will move. Moving the mouse sets the angle and you'll be shown rebound angles from nearby red stones. Let go of the mouse button to release your stone. There are no keyboard controls for this game.

How do I play?
You must get the red stones out of the ring as quickly as possible. If your silver stone goes out of the ring then your move is reset and you forfeit a turn.

What is the best way to play?
Pay attention to the arrow that appears when you click and drag from your silver stone. That will tell you everything that's going to happen, if you learn how to control your shot.

Will I win if I try to knock all the red stones out as hard as possible?
If you just smash the red stones around you will need to be very lucky to win. Try using strong moves to knock red stones towards the edges then use rebounds or a series of soft moves to take them over the edge without risking your silver stone.

What are different layout options at the start of the game?
As well as the default arena and number of red stones, you have options. Varying the number of stones makes the game longer and harder, whilst adding walls within the arena makes the game much harder. Red balls can get stuck in corners or near walls, needing new tactics to get them out and over the edge.

Gameplay tips:
1) Power: Know when to smash and when to play a soft tactical rebound shot.
2) Think ahead: Try to think about where your silver stone will be when the shot is complete. Avoid getting stuck in corners or too close to red stones.
3) Over the edge: You can't knock a red stone over with every shot. Sometimes playing for a good position next time is more important than scoring.