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Chinese Checkers
What is this game about?
Chinese Checkers consists of a star-shaped board and each player has ten pieces starting in one point of the star. The winner is the player that moves all their ten pieces to the opposite point of the star first.

How do I control the game?
You use the mouse, or the touchpad on your laptop. There are no keyboard controls for this game. Players take it in turns to move and you can't move when it's not your turn.

How do I play?
The gameplay is very simple, you can either move a simple move of one space, or you can make a hop and move over one of your own or an opponent's pieces into an empty space. You can only make one type of move each round, but either move can be made in any direction.

How do I progress?
Using a combination of simple moves and hops, you gradually empty out your point of the star and gradually fill your destination.

What about my opponent's pieces?
While you opponent might try to block your progress, you don't take their pieces off the board if you can hop over them. Remember: you can hop over either player's pieces, but the space you are moving to must be empty.

Gameplay tips:
1) Basic strategy: Make a strategy to develop 'ladders' or an upwards chain of hopping moves. When you find the opponents piece try to use it to hop forwards.
2) Further strategy: Obviously both players will try to build ladders as quickly as possible. Try to block your opponent while building your ladder.

Game fact:
Chinese Checkers isn't Chinese or related to Checkers. It was invented in Germany in 1892 and is based on a US game called Halma.