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Falling Bricks
What is this game about?
You must help the builder make a wall by slotting in the falling brick shapes. As each row of the wall is completed you score points. If the wall reaches the top, it's game over!

How do I control the game?
You use the keyboard controls for this game. Use the arrow keys to move the blocks Left, Right and Down. The Up arrow rotates the shape 90 degrees at a time. The space bar drops the shape, fast.

How do I play?
The aim is to make as many complete lines of the wall as possible, as quickly as possible. That way you score the most points, but also the level increases so brick shapes fall faster.

What is the best way to play?
Try to leave no gaps in the wall as you build. For practice, get used to the controls by playing a few rounds. Press up to rotate the brick shapes a couple of times to find the best way to drop them in. Practice finding the best shape combinations to make wall building faster and simpler.

What is the brick shape about the wall?
That's the shape that's coming next, this will give you a big clue about what spaces to leave open for your next shape. Use it this clue to help you build more lines in the wall.

Gameplay tips:
1) Fitting shapes: Certain shapes fit together naturally and others are troublesome. Practice so you can deal with all shapes in the game.
2) Long lines: Leave a vertical space in the wall to drop in a long straight shape made of four bricks. This way you can clear four lines in the wall at once.
3) Speed drop: Get used to lining up the brick shapes then using space to drop them in fast. This will speed up your game.