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Ludo Adventure
What is this game about?
Ludo is based on the famous board game. The objective is to get all your pieces around the board, clockwise, until they can climb all the way up from your home area to the compass in the center.

How do I control the game?
All you have to do is use the mouse to roll the die when prompted or click on a piece when you need to choose which one to move. Everything else happens automatically.

How do I play?
In order to draw pieces from you starting area you will need to obtain a 6 on the die, and then keep drawing the die to keep moving that piece over the steps on the board. Whenever 6 is drawn, another piece from the starting area can be moved or you may simply choose to move 6 steps with an already drawn piece.

What is the best way to play?
The best way to play is to make sure that whenever the choice to move a piece is presented to you, you gauge whether the appointed number of steps leaves your piece in a vulnerable position. Other players may and will remove that piece from the board if they happen to land on it.

Why can't I move the piece to the center? I drew a 2 and it's only one step remaining!
The steps to take the piece to the center have to be the exact number. If 1 is drawn on the die, that piece can move and exit the board, but if it's 2, in that situation it will have to be used for another move on the board - or if none is available, that turn will have to be discarded.

Gameplay tips:
1) The starting step in each of the player's areas is a sure way to get your piece removed. Avoid landing on it.
2) Sometimes, it is best to keep simpler moves that require a causal draw of the die for another turn, focus first on getting all your pieces out every time you draw a 6.
3) Try to remove your opponent’s pieces too, this will set them back considerably, giving you time to win.