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Parkalot Singleplayer
What is this game about?
Your car is jammed in a busy parking lot. Moving one vehicle at a time, create a path to free your car.

How do I control the game?
You use the mouse or touchpad on your laptop to click the vehicle you want to move, then hold and drag that vehicle backwards or forwards, up or down. There are no keyboard controls for this game.

How do I play?
You need to make a path for your car to escape, but it's not simple. You'll be able to see the path straight away, but you may have to take a complex route to free it.

What is the best way to play?
Trial and error is best, but you need to remember what you have tried. Try moving a few vehicles and work out if that is correct. However, remember what you moved, as you may have to retrace your steps.

What happens when I win?
You will see your score, the number of moves, for that level and you will get a new, more difficult level.

Gameplay tips:
1) Think first: Don't just rush in and start moving vehicles as each move counts on your score.
2) Different vehicles: Cars move simply and you can squeeze by, so try to work out how to get the big lorries out of your way – they are a tougher obstacle.
3) Start again?: If you are stuck it might be better to start again than to keep wasting moves. Keep trying!