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What is this game about?
There are two colours on each piece, dark and light, each of the two sides corresponds to one player. Players each start with two pieces in the centre of the board. The aim is to place counters and surround your opponent's pieces and flip them to your colour.

How do I control the game?
You use the mouse or touchpad on your laptop to click. There are no keyboard controls for this game.

How do I play?
The game rules are pretty simple. Along a straight line, you surround one or more pieces of the opposing colour and flip them over to your colour. Put a different way, you must always play where you can flip at least one opponent's piece on each go. If you can't flip at least one of their pieces, the game is over.

When does the game end normally?
When all the spaces on the board are filled. The game then counts which of the two of you has the most pieces showing and the winner is decided.

Gameplay tips:
1) Corners: Corners cannot be flipped but filling a corner prematurely is a mistake and can leave holes elsewhere. Make your opponent think you are heading for a corner, and then they may fill it too early.
2) Edges: Playing against an edge can give you a lever to play from. Think careful about your X-square (the square diagonally outside a corner) and your C-square (the edge square alongside a corner square) strategies. Sometimes you can take these with back-up, or other times give these away, in order to proceed better later in the game.
3) Parity: This is your strategy for closing off empty areas as the game comes to an end, securing the maximum stable number of your pieces that cannot be flipped.