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Sea Battle
What is this game about?
It's a loud and fun 3D version of the classic, two-player game of Battleships.

How do I control the game?
You use the mouse, or the touchpad on your laptop. There are no keyboard controls for this game.

How do I play?
Firstly, you position your fleet to try to hide them from your opponent. Now both of you blast out cannonballs to try to find the other's ships. If you hit a ship on your go, you get another go.
The winner is first to destroy all the other player's ships.

I see a lot of ships on a grid, what do I do?
This is the first screen after the game has loaded. Ten ships set sail for each player and you can click the ships to arrange them on the ocean any way you like. The ships cannot overlap. You can also just click 'Reposition ships' and the game will give you random starting positions for your ships. Your ships should now appear as 3D pirate boats in front of you.

I see my ships now and my opponent's name is in green?
They are thinking about their go. When they take their go you will hear a shot and a splash if they miss or the sound of wood breaking if they hit.

Now my name is in green?
They missed and it's your turn. Click on the grid on the right hand side of the screen to take a shot. If this is your first shot, a skull means you hit, a dot means you missed. Try to shoot near skulls to get more hits and sink ships!

Gameplay tips:
1) Spacing your ships: If you try to place your ships in an odd pattern it will be harder for your opponent to work out how to find them. If you place all your ships in the vertical position in a row, then expect to get blasted!
2) Shooting skills: Start with a few random shots around the board to try to find your opponent's fleet.
3) Repeated games: Try to remember how your opponent placed their ships and watch out for the same patterns.