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Space Ninja
What is this game about?
By outlining any square with 4 lines, a ninja clone will appear. Outnumber your opponent's ninja army and you will win.

How do I control the game?
All you have to do is click the lines on each square. As these complete a highlighted square, a ninja figure will appear.

How do I play?
As you click on the outlining of the various squares, the lines will start to highlight. Once 4 are lighted, that square belongs to the last player that touched it. Be careful, even if you highlight 3 lines on a square, your opponent may and will light the last line and keep the square for himself!

What is the best way to play?
It is important to consider which direction your opponent is going. Try not to give any squares away by investing on lighting squares on your own, and instead try to steal your opponent's work by highlighting the last lines that may close any squares he was trying to make, as well as explore combos to own 2 squares at once instead of just one at a time.

I can't fool my opponent! He keeps stealing my moves!
This means you are being easily read. Focus on your opponent's game instead of your own and exploit the opportunities in the lines he has already highlighted in his board.

Gameplay tips:
1) Pay attention to your opponent, if he's interacting with your squares, stop working on those and move on to his!
2) The playing field is large; do not hang too close to your opponent at the beginning. As he may draw to close to your game and start finishing it up for you.
3) With many ninjas on the board and nearly completed squares, it is hard to gauge if you are having the upper hand, concentrate and take your time, any move can give away a chunk of your territory to the other player in just a few turns!