What's new in GameXN GO?

Play alone
You can either play in GameXN GO (even when you don't have an Internet connection) or online in any Web browser on any device that supports Adobe Flash!
Play with others - now you can even play with people who don't use Skype or GameXN!
Play in game lobby - completely anonymous playing experience. You don't know who you are playing with, neither does the other party.
Use invitation codes - you can play with friends who don't have a Skype or GameXN account.
Play with authorized friends - you can play with Skype or GameXN friends, starting the game with a single mouse click.
GameXN account
Now you can create GameXN account to enjoy many benefits.
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GameXN GO app for Windows
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Play single player games for free
Play multiplayer games in lobby
Play multiplayer games with invitation codes
Play with friends on phones, tablets or any computer with Flash
Create a friend list for one click play
Play multiplayer games with registered friends
Save your scores
Remember your most recent and favorite games
Chat with friends
Access all GameXN games from one place
Save games and restart where you stopped
Play offline
Play with Skype friends
Stay connected with latest news
Get notifications about missed invitations
Give hints to friends with in-game pointer