What's new in the update?

We have addressed the selection defect in the initial GameXN GO update prompt. Please see below the new corrected prompt.

The user interface now is very clear and eliminates any previous confusion for users and provides them absolute control over adoption. Users can clearly see that the update is coming from GameXN and that all choices are single click activated and does not allow installation of the update without an affirmative action by the user.

The "Remind me later" option will NOT install the GO update, but this prompt will be displayed again next time the user starts Skype. The same thing will happen when a user clicks the red close (X) button.

We have also added a "Read more" button that takes the user to the GameXN website to show them exactly what the update is about www.GameXNmedia.com/AboutUpdate.

In addition the update includes a new uninstaller that helps users to completely remove GameXN GO if they wish to do so.

About the update:
  1. Since 2006 Skype for Windows features Extras Manager (SkypePM.exe) developed by GameXN.
  2. Extras Manager (result of joint development by Skype and GameXN) provides users with a collection of Skype Extras and free games.
  3. Since its inception in 2006 Extras Manager, like most Windows applications, has had automatic update features to improve user experience.
  4. Skype Game channel (see Skype menu "Tools | Extras | Play games") is operated by GameXN and Extras Manager periodically checks GameXN servers for available updates.
  5. GameXN GO is a result of almost two year development based on feedback from millions of existing Skype game users collected over years. Because it is a major update of our Skype game service the Extras Manager asks for user permission to install it.